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Fees - Medical Expert Review Process



Medical Opinions Associates has reasonable flat fees for record review and opinion letter  production. In this way, we remove all doubt about the cost to assess merit. As discovery continues, we have hourly rates for consultation, deposition, and trial testimony. We never charge contingency fees.


Predictable and inclusive

Medical Opinions Associates features “cost clarity”. That is, review fees are quoted in advance and are all-inclusive. First, we locate a physician expert with the appropriate qualifications. He/she then reviews and evaluates the medical records and documents the findings in an opinion letter. You do not pay one fee for referral, another fee for physician case evaluation, and yet another for the opinion letter – sometimes to three different experts. You and your client know up-front what the total cost will be to advance settlement proceedings. Please call  for specific fee determination.

Reasonable and competitive

Medical Opinions Associates has reasonable and competitive fees based on medical specialty and complexity.  Attorneys or clients are responsible for related expenses, including consultations, depositions, and associated travel and lodging. Your medical expert will carefully evaluate all medical documentation to ascertain merit, including strengths and weaknesses. 


There are no contingency fees of any kind.  Unlike others, Medical Opinions does not impose outcome fees – fees that can exceed 15 percent of settlement proceeds.  Although some reviewers use such arrangements, we prefer to avoid even the appearance of a connection between physician reimbursement and settlement outcome. Medical experts have the most credibility when they have no financial stake in the outcome.

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